CBS 12: As flu vaccine is in high demand, doctor says supply could be getting low


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) – The flu shot is recommended by doctors, but some people could soon be out of luck. The vaccine is in high demand, and one doctor says supply could be getting low.

Dr. Peter Lamelas opened his first MD Now Urgent Care facility in Lake Worth. Now, he has 30 across south Florida. He has a passion for caring for people and says he enjoys saving lives.

Tuesday, Lamelas saw an elderly patient and after a few quick tests, he suspected the patient had the flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows Florida at the highest level for flu-like activity and already three children have died.

“It’s a crazy flu season, probably the worst we have seen in a decade,” said Lamelas.

Lamelas ordered around 4,000 four-strain flu vaccines, which he says is the best vaccine to fight Influenza B. Now, his office only has a couple hundred left.

“We tried to order some more four-strain vaccine and it’s all gone and (we) can’t get it,” said Lamelas.

Lamelas says three-strain flu shots are more widely available but they are less effective. The CDC acknowledges some facilities are low on vaccines but hasn’t declared a shortage.

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