Hurricane Preparedness

Staying Healthy After the Hurricane

The storm may be over, but recovery is just beginning. Hurricane Ian devastated parts of Southwest and Central Florida, leaving many health dangers in its wake. Here are some post-hurricane health and safety tips for you and your family: Stay Out of Floodwater Floodwater contains many things that can harm your health, including chemicals, dead animals, human waste, animal waste, and other germ-filled… Read More

Hurricane Ian Sign

Healthy Advice for Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1 and while most people focus on preparing their homes, you also need to protect your health to ensure that you stay well if you weather a storm. Hurricanes are a prime time for injuries and illnesses, which is why you must be ready to handle any health-related issues at home, as well as know when to seek out professional medical treatment. MD Now shows that it cares about… Read More