A Healthy Look at the Flu Prevention of the Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine

Flu season is in the air and millions of people will deal with the distress of influenza. In 2015, there is a new-and-improved version of the flu vaccine called the quadrivalent influenza vaccine that’s designed to be better than ever. To show people that they can’t afford to be sick, but they can afford to stay healthy, MD Now is offering special savings on the flu vaccine at all 22 locations throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Learn more about the flu vaccine and why MD Now should be your family’s vaccination destination.

Aiming for Better Flu Prevention

For many years, flu vaccines protected against three different flu viruses, including two influenza A viruses and one influenza B virus. But there are actually two types of influenza B viruses that afflict people each season. This meant that doctors could only vaccinate for one of the influenza B viruses, which left people vulnerable to the other influenza B virus. So even though it was the best medicine for flu protection available at the time, vaccinated people were still stricken with the flu.

A Shot at Greater Protection with the Flu Vaccine 2015

Since the previous flu vaccine only offered partial flu prevention, doctors soon realized that people needed protection from both types of influenza B viruses. So for the flu shot 2015, they developed the quadrivalent influenza vaccine that protects against both influenza B viruses, along with both influenza A viruses.

And this new and improved flu vaccine is available as both a shot and a nasal spray. This makes the quadrivalent influenza vaccine the best medicine for flu ever developed.

“MD Now wants to save people from suffering with the flu, but we also want to help them save on the cost of the flu vaccine,” said Peter Lamelas, M.D., CEO of MD Now Urgent Care says. “The quadrivalent flu shot is regularly priced at $40 and the regular three-strain flu shot will be $30, but MD Now will provide special coupons online and on Facebook to keep people from paying the price of sickness.”

Who’s Eligible for the Flu Vaccine 2015?

It’s important to realize that different vaccines are approved for different ages and stages of life. While the quadrivalent influenza vaccine will be ideal for many, realize that the flu shot and the nasal spray are approved for different people. A number of factors will affect whether people can get the new vaccine, as well as which form is suitable.

While health officials recommend an annual influenza vaccination for everyone over 6 months of age, the flu shot 2015 is not authorized for some people, such as children under six months of age and people with allergies to the flu vaccine. And the nasal spray version is not advised for some others, including children under age two and adults over age 50. The medical experts at MD Now can easily determine which flu vaccine is proper for each person. 

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