5 Back Exercises for Men to Fight Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of the biggest health issues plaguing men. Many suffer from lower back pain, but others endure upper back pain. But men have suffered for far too long. Back pain no longer needs to be a part of men’s lives because there are many upper back and lower back exercises for men that provide relief. In addition to relieving all sorts of back pain, these back exercises can increase the mobility of the spine and strengthen the back to prevent further pain and problems. At MD Now Urgent Care, we want to give men back their comfort and freedom, so we have provided five of the best back exercises to put an end to the pain.

  1. Cat Camel Stretch

This is one of the top back exercises for men who suffer pain throughout their backs. It protects the spine while increasing its mobility. It’s simply done by placing your hands and knees on the floor and letting your head to droop down. Then, round your back towards the ceiling and stay still until you can feel the stretch in your back. Repeat a few more times.

  1. Row Exercises

There are two ways to do these lower back exercises: one for beginners and another for intermediates.

  • Seated Row for Beginners: Use a low pulley machine with a V bar. Firmly grasp the V bars while leaning over. Then, raise your torso to 90 degrees. Keep pulling the handles back and forth while repeating.
  • One Arm Row for Intermediates: With dumbbells on both sides of a workout bench, place your right leg on the bench while bending your knee to make your upper body parallel to the floor. Then, slowly pick up the dumbbell with your left hand. Hold and repeat.
  1. Child’s Pose

This one of the most popular lower back exercises for men because it improves the back’s muscles, decreases stress, and is incredibly easy. It’s a simple resting pose, with your head down and your forehead touching the floor. Your knees should be folded, your toes should be touching, and your arms should be tucked behind. Remain still for a minute and then repeat.

  1. Quadruped Arm-Leg Raise

These exercises for lower back pain are commonly known as bird dog. Start by sitting on your hands and knees. Then, extend one leg and lift the opposite arm until they are lined up with your body. Then, repeat these lower back exercises with your other arm and leg.

  1. Pull-Up and Pull-Down

There are three different ways to perform these back exercises for men. Unlike the other exercises for lower back pain or for the entire back, these exercises target the upper back.

  • The Lat Pull-Down for Beginners: Start by sitting on a pull-down machine with the bar attached to the top. Grasp the bar with both of your palms and lean your torso slightly forward with your chest out. Bring the bar down to your chest while you exhale, making sure to tightly squeeze your back muscles. Repeat a couple of times.
  • The Assisted Pull-Up for Intermediates: For this exercise, you will use a large machine with platforms to help you perform pull-ups.
  • Pull-Ups for the Advanced: This is considered the best exercise for upper back development. It simply requires pull up bars, so it’s one of the most convenient exercises you can do.

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