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MD Now Earns Accreditation for New Clinics

Posted on August 20, 2012 and filed under Press Releases, Urgent Care Accreditation

MD Now Has Earned Urgent Care Center Accreditation for Its Two New Clinic Locations

Urgent Care Center Accreditation ensures the provision of quality healthcare and the principles of professionalism

Orlando, FL, United States., August 20, 2012 – MD Now, a group of Urgent Care clinics in Palm Beach County, Florida, has achieved Urgent Care Center Accreditation for its two new locations in Coral Springs and Deerfield Beach. The MD Now Urgent Care group has been Accredited since 2010. MD Now Urgent Care centers provide urgent care and occupational medical services in South Florida, offering fast, affordable and professional comprehensive urgent medical care.

Accreditation is a voluntary process through which an Urgent Care Center is able to measure the quality of its services and performance against nationally recognized standards. The assurance that healthcare providers and facilities maintain adequate levels of quality is of vital importance to patients. Knowledge of and close adherence to the standards of Accreditation provide assurances that the care provided at an Urgent Care Center is state of the art and that the established policies and procedures ensure exceptional business practices. Accreditation demonstrates the highest level of commitment of the Urgent Care Center to providing quality medical care that is consistent with the highest ideals of the specialty of Urgent Care Medicine.

As a form of certification or validation, Accreditation is an indication to patients that the Urgent Care Center is committed to providing high-quality care. Urgent Care Center Accreditation ensures the provision of quality healthcare and the principles of professionalism. The goals of accreditation reflect the missions and goals of the AAUCM which are to elevate the standards of Urgent Care, provide positive and increased recognition of Urgent Care, and to serve the public by encouraging quality patient care in the practice of Urgent Care Medicine.

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