Happy Doctor
This is a Very nice SUPER clean place, been twice. Had severe wrist pain after a bad fall , In waiting room for 15 minutes, saw doctor, did Xray and prescription in 10 minutes. Doctors are nice very nice, take their time to explain. Everyone wearing a mask & social distancing. 5 Stars !!!
Scotty M.
Today was a very stressful day as the md now I go was dealing with short staffing issues:but I was referred to the md now in Boynton on federal and woolbright, Very nice staff and attentive to my needs I finally got seen but it was worth the wait .I feel so bad for the shortage of staff. Hope things get better there thank you md now!,,,
Arlene C.
I had a great experienced going to the MD Now on Royal Palm Beach Blvd and Southern! First off we are in weird times with the pandemic where many places are not very welcoming and distant. As soon as I walked in a was warmly greeted by the front desk Personnel. She guided me through the application on their ipad and it was very painless and quick compared to other appointments I have been to. Then I was taken by Doug to get my blood pressure and temperature and it was a pleasant and personable conversation as he assess my vitals. My favorite part about my visit was being seen by Dr. Swanson. Because of multiple reason many doctors have loss their love for patient care and barely see you for 2 rushed minutes when you go see them. Not Dr. Swanson! He was very warm even through we are in covid times. He sat and made eye contact with me the whole visit. He did a full assessment of my symptoms and he took time to listen to me and my concerns. It has been a very LONG time since I have been treated by such a caring doctor. MD Now is blessed to have him in his team. If you ever feel under the weather don't hesitate to go to this clinic their staff is amazing 10/10 on my book!
Lilu T.
It was nice. Very cool, informative and helpful people. Super knowledgeable about everything.
Lawrence N.
Get up early so they can treat you faster than midday
Cindy L.
Went in for a COVID-19 test. Walking in, it’s very welcoming and clean. Brightly lit. Receptionist is very nice. Patient rooms are squeaky clean and very well organized. Very knowledgeable staff of doctors and nurses. Professional and courteous. I was called in a reasonable time and the wait time once I went in was great. Everything is done in an orderly manner. This is the one stop for immediate testing for Covid-19 or your other medical needs after hours.
Mountain o.
Very good service.
pretty L.
The entire staff was professional and courteous and I was in and out in less than an hour!
Marielena D.
I was feeling ready bothered with the length of time I had to wait to be seen. However, once I spoke with Dr. Tiffani McGee I felt better and reassured I was in good hands. Dr McGee explained her findings, it was what I was experiencing and I was so glad I waited to be seen. Dr. McGee is an asset to the clinic.
Marcia K.
MD urgent care is great. I needed stitches after cutting my leg and they helped me. I would highly recommend them as they are very nice and serve you quickly. I dont like hospitals at all, this place is so much better for people who are anxious.
Nicole S.
The MD Now at this location is top notch. The care and service was impeccable. Thank you
sandra b.
Nice, professional staff
Coneiaf G.
Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.
Liza N.