Happy Doctor
Everyone very curtious and professional. Examined quickly...attending physician attentive and knowledgeable. Highly satisfied.
Barbara H.
good doctor and everyone works quick to get u in and out cool friendly and what ever they can help with to check input they will do
Charles G.
I was in and out of there! The staff were very friendly and I would recommend this place anytime you feel under the weather and want to be seen right away.
Dan A.
Very pleased with the excellent care
Sandra M.
I was in town for the weekend to visit my son. Woke up Friday morning with a burning throat and ear. MD Now Urgent Care was 1 mile from my hotel so called to ask if they took my insurance. They did take my insurance so I headed over to their clinic at 10am. Check in was quick, personnel was polite, the doctor saw me promptly, diagnosed me with strep throat, gave me an antibiotic shot, and called in an oral antibiotic to CVS pharmacy. I was in and out in one hour. I felt so much better by the afternoon. I highly recommend.
Toni J.
Excellent service. Staff was friendly and helpful.
Drew L.
I’m so grateful. Excellent service very kind and quick. Especially for What I need at the care for. They should have their own TV show.
Carmen C.
Long wait but considering day after Christmas they were on limited staff. Great location and patient polite health care workers. I wish the patients that walked in were nicer to the staff!!
Siobhan F.
Wonderful and pleasant team here at this office! The provider was really sweet and attentive. This place is my second home!
Vicquella M.
I had a great experience with MD now. At first, I was upset that I had a $50 copay (thanks insurance.) I didn’t think going in there to have a sprained knee checked out (no X-rays needed) would be worth it. It was worth it though. The nursing staff & the Doctor especially was so nice, and professional. I was given a knee brace & a prescription for some anti-inflammatory medication. All in all, it was a good visit to MD Now. Unlike a lot of trips to urgent care.
Cody R.
I am always so impressed by this urgent care. I have gone there several times and have always experienced kindness, courtesy, professionalism, and just overall a wonderful experience. The folks that work there both the doctors, assistants and clerical team are just beyond wonderful.
Beth L.
Clean, courteous quick
Lucky A.
MD NOW Downtown Fort Lauderdale is one of the cleanest, caring and fast servicing urgent care place in town.
Alejandro L.
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