Happy Doctor
Had an injury in leg for 3 days I was taking care of it but it was still bleeding went to MD NOW and they immediately took care of it. I was super glad I went to MD Now. They are very attentive and friendly.
Nadine K.
I fell walking my big dog and needed stitches on my forehead and many cuts and bruises. The staff was wonderful to me and took care of everything. I felt very safe and secure in there care.
Gail S.
Excellent service. I received a caring care from the doctors, nurses, and staff.
Rose T.
I went here due to a respiratory infection and my need for medications to treat it while on vacation. I was in and out in less then 45 minutes to include a breathing treatment and a shot of steroids. The Doctor was incredibly friendly and helpful. This was by far my most pleasant experience at an Urgent Care Facility anywhere in the United States. I would come back here in a heartbeat in the future.
Andres M.
Service was great and everyone was pleasant.
Dan S.
Buen trato , poco tiempo de espera , y muy buena atención
keyla e.
The clinic was very busy, regardless of that every staff member took their time to be pleasant and accommodating. It was extremely clean inside as well.
Jordyn W.
Efficient and fast
Frank M.
Great service and the staff very professional and caring. I recommend this facility.
Rosa L.
Friendly workers
Raquel M.
MD urgent care is great. I needed stitches after cutting my leg and they helped me. I would highly recommend them as they are very nice and serve you quickly. I dont like hospitals at all, this place is so much better for people who are anxious.
Nicole S.
Very polite and caring service!
Chandra M.
Very friendly staff, especially Islande. Very concerned and caring.
Michael M.