Happy Doctor
Every one was friendly and professional. The wait was just minutes and the rooms just spotless! I would highly recommend visiting this Urgent Care before the E R if possible,
Gayle K.
Great service, did an appointment online, went in and In 15 mins I was seen by the doctor, great service!
Santiago M.
Service was quick and professional. What more could you want?
Mimi F.
Domingo, en Español y muy rápida, eso es servicio de primera
Agustin V.
Oh my, let me tell you... I fell during Christmas (2018) and had to wait 10 days to get back to Palm Beach County. I wasn't sure if I should go to the ER or Urgent Care and thinking it was ribs, felt it would heal on it's own (good ol' Google health!!). I had a direct blow to my left chest area and couldn't breath, sleep, cough, sneeze, roll over in bed, you name it! Anyway, I went in here because I live close by and they have an x-ray. The staff-Wow! Everyone was extremely professional and Dr. Enriquez was wonderful. She recognized how much pain I was in and ordered a shot of tramodol (sp?) and a steroid then put some other pain meds into my pharmacy. 5 hours later, I'm in little pain, although I don't want to push it but so happy I came here! Thank you all for such a pleasant experience!
Kim F.
I recently visited this facility and was very pleased with all aspects of my experience... reasonable wait time, attentive and professional staff who called to follow up on my condition a few days after my visit. I'll definitely visit this location again if the need arises.
paul n.
excellent care with follow up phone call we are impressed
val m.
Have used this location several times and have not been disappointed yet. They are very personable and compassionate. This last visit I had several issues going on at the same time, they were great, trying to figure out if the issues were related and getting to the best possible outcome.
John E.
Fast, clean, great staff.
Sydney T.
Excellent customer service. I was attended almost immediately. The doctor, nurse and staff were very friendly. Highly recommend.
Sandra V.
Fast and I got what I needed for a pre op appointment.
Mark H.
Very Clean and Efficient , Got me feeling better quickly!
Julie C.
Very friendly and professional staff. Provided great medical care and follow up. If ever needed highly recommend this urgent care center.
Byron G.
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