Happy Doctor
Despite being sick, the staff here made me feel so much better. Gave me Tylenol immediately to reduce my fever and help me stop shivering. Front of house staff, doctor and check out staff were awesome, friendly and as accommodating as they could be although they had a waiting room full of patients. Thanks again!
Tiffany C.
Best care center nice people
Renato C.
Great service, everyone is super friendly, quick turnaround...perfect all around! Thank you!
Gillian D.
Was very professional and efficient..clean, neat how supposed to .w
Luzia N.
They were great. I waited about 5 minutes (one segment of the news with Belkys!) I was given my test for Covid-19 quickly and efficiently. It took about 3 minutes and i left. Nice people.
Anne W.
Prompt friendly service, staff are all very nice and professional.
Joyce M.
Excellent service... short wait time
Cheryl H.
I went here recently for a uti, I arrived at 8:00, was one of three other patients. I literally waited 15 minutes to be seen. ( culture taken immediately). ( which is shorter than offices where I have an appointment). I found the doctor to be very informative and professional. He explained everything to me and answered my questions. 24 hours later, my symptoms have cleared up.
Shelly P.
Sheraine M.
Very professional with quick service by Doctor.
Manuel A.
I went in for the Covid-19 Vaccine as a walk-in. They were fast & efficient. I was in & out within 30 minutes, including the 15min wait time after the shot!
James .
Efficient and professional, was seen very quickly by doctor.
Mary K.
Long wait but great service !
Guillermo R.

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