Happy Doctor
The visit was great, my daughter felt very comfortable with the doctor and specially with the medical assistant.
Claudia R.
Fast n Friendly
Thomas D.
caroline j.
Went to my Lighthouse Point location for some pre op testing. As usual, ALL the staff was friendly and professional and I didn't have to wait long. Much appreciated!!
Captain P.
My experience at MD now was seamless. I had fallen and thought I sprained my wrist, but after a week of distress I went for x-rays. As I suspected it was more than a sprain, it was broken. The nurse was very well educated and helpful. The doctor, Dr. Swanson, was totally on point with his diagnosis verified by the x-rays. Within 45 minutes I was tended to and out the door with a splint and sling,. A referral for an orthopedist and my prescription was also called in to my pharmacy. The level of care is A+ at the Royal Palm Beach MD Now. Thank you all!
Shirley B.
good staff
don h.
The Medical Team at my local MD NOW are awesome. Dr. Mushtaq always cares for me with a lot of patience. He listens and makes sure you leave feeling confident that I will be okay. I would also like to add That Dr Mushtaq recognizes you as a previous patient and neighbor in the community remembering your past condition. MD Now Services are the best!!!! Thank you for taking care of me whenever my Doctor is not available.
Brenda S.
I had a good courteous experience. Thank you for your care.
dan d.
Very professional. Fast COVID test. In and out in 15 minutes.
Elliott K.
They treated me very well and very cordial that is what we seek we feel good when we are sick, thank you very much.
Luz M.
walked in and out in a short time, The Doctor and the Nurses are very pleasant so is the office. Thank you guys.
Joe K.
Friendly, quick check in. All staff pleasant to deal with.
Hollie K.
Very decent and clean MD office
Brian A.
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