Happy Doctor
All the staff is very friendly, helpful and caring. Front staff manager really is an asset to your establishment. They took me right in. I had injured my little toe and was bleeding. Didn't have to wait at all. Will definitely refer all that ask to go there during open hours.
Teresa A.
Always a pleasure coming here Not that I want to come here but always respectful and very nice quick and easy
Anthony C.
Absolutely fantastic staff at this location - everyone here seems like they love their job and are more than willing to see you recooperate soon, Excellent experience, and will be my go-to for all urgent care needs.
Jaclyn T.
Great place. Short wait and pleasant staff. Thank you.
Rolando R.
Great place and people who care.
Ed P.
All good. Helpful and pleasant to deal with.
Sal M.
Prompt and courteous service. Waiting time less than 10 minutes. Receptionist, Nurses, Doctor, all very kind.
Alfonso R.
Very Professional, clean and great staff!
Kathleen W.
I literally drive by 3 walking to go to MD now urgent.... the are professional, kind and it’s very clean!
Nydia S.
They staff were very nice and was able to help get the documents I need for the student health form for the nursing program
Shaynell M.
Every MD Now I've been to is very professional and helpful. Their firm advice that I needed to go to the hospital last week may have saved me from the serious if not fatal consequences of very high blood pressure. I assumed my chest tightness was simply anxiety. I followed their advice of going to the local ER and was admitted for an overnight evaluation. Although unexpected and scary, I had a thorough heart evaluation and blood work to rule out any problems in those areas. I was prescribed blood pressure medication and discharged the next day. I feel much better physically and thankful they insisted I go to the ER as needed. My highest regard and appreciation to this valuable health resource. Linda
linda j.
Very clean and professional. Front desk was very efficient. I was there a total of about 10 min. The doctor was very mice and explained the whole Covid testing procedure. Felt very comfortable and not painful at all.
Barbie H.
very understanding and perfect for my needs. i do not have a regular pcp, so to be able to walk in and get taken care of is wonderful. the doctor's and nurses are wonderful, caring and understanding.
beth b.