Happy Doctor
MD Pinecrest is great. Open early and very professional staff. Usually no one there if you are there at opening at 8 am. Went to get Covid test and was quick and easy.
Adelaida M.
It's a beautiful and clean place . It's very comfortable The service was good. I was very happy with them.
Jacqueline M.
Prontitud, puntualidad y profesionalismo.
Adriana L.
I really liked doctor you. He was friendly, prescribed the meds I needed and didn't treat me like a number. He is very knowledgeable. I also liked the follow-up call the next day from Mike to see how I was feeling. I would go to Med now again.
I went in for a Covid test since I had been exposed to Covid. I had my shots in February. I signed in and filled out a form. In a short while I was called into a room where they did the swab test. The nurse told me how to get results. Everyone was courteous and efficient. I was surprised at the short wait time.
Gaile B.
Very nice doctor. Hardly any wait. Very nice and caring. Did not rush appt at all.
Lewis L.
I got there at 8am on a Monday. They were able to get me in and out within 30-40 minutes. The staff was incredibly nice. The doctor was easy to understand and even went into detail on what was going on with me without me having to ask and what to do if it happens again. Every single staff member said "I hope you feel better!" as I was leaving. I usually go to the urgent cares on University or in Parkland but have had bad experiences. I'll make sure to go to this one from now on!
courtney a.
Preciseness knowledgeably
Ricardo F.
Great service thank so much for the service
beachyblonde b.
Very quick in to see the doctor. Professional and helpful staff.
Victoria M.
I was taken quickly and was in and out with a quick injection and Rx'es for medication! Everyone was competent and friendly! I was there two years ago for another ailment and am fortunate to have found excellent care there again yesterday!
Inez L.
Great staff, everyone in the office is respectful and kind and they move quickly.
Kiera J.
walked in and out in a short time, The Doctor and the Nurses are very pleasant so is the office. Thank you guys.
Joe K.