Happy Doctor
I have always been more than satisfied with my care at MDNow. On this particular visit, they looked at my complaint and stated that they thought I needed to go to an ER instead... Glad I did. I just got out of the hospital after nearly four days on IV antibiotics for a serious cellulitis. As important as it is to know what you can do when it comes to medical issues, it is equally important, maybe more important, to know your limitations. MDNow proved that they know what they can do, and are courageous/ethical enough to know what they cannot do. This ability to know what to treat and what to "outsource" may have saved my arm... Outstanding clinicians! Thanks so much!
Jeff M.
Great service staff is great
G-link C.
No waiting and wonderfully friendly and attentive staff!
David H.
Very nice place, staff very nice, and all both times that I went no long wait which i really liked. The only odd thing is that this is the first urgent care that I have been to where there is carpet in exam rooms and no sinks in the rooms.
Xiomara M.
Excellent environment as well as care.
Gabriel H.
Flavia was very professional and compassionate. i felt like i was in good hands.
Debbie H.
Very friendly and professional service. The waiting room is clean and spacious.
Juliett F.
Very helpful and knowledgable. Pleasant. Quick to serve.
Janel K.
In and out quickly and professionally, and always a good experience! Love have this location so close to home!
Matthew A.
I really enjoy they service, everething was well explained.
Luis R.
Update: Was told by my workers compensation that thanks to Florida Law (Republicans and conservative Democrats) it was good that they turned me away and left me with pain and no imaging because Florida Law would have preferred Florida Blue over my own health and I would have been stuck with the bill for not waiting the 10 day process of workers compensation to set a visit up for me. Original: Turned away for back pain at the door, even with Florida Blue health insurance. I was told it was a workers compensation issue because of when the back pain began the day prior and I would have to contact my employer and wait for prior approval to even be seen.
Oscar F.
They help us a lot with our sickness we give love and support to urgent care
Abraham G.
The staff was very nice and the office was very clean and they were following the cdc guidelines for the seats inside the office .. the nurse and medical assistant made us feel very comfortable.
wendy l.
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