Happy Doctor
They were accommodating and let me know the first time I arrived that the wait would be long. When I returned a couple hours later. They were attentive and professional.
Paige C.
Everyone there was fantastic! I wasn’t there very long and all went well. Diagnosis was quick too.
Gayle H.
I really like MD Now. They attend to your very fast. They are thorough and efficient.
Maria L.
I had a condition that I was turned away by two major hospital emergency rooms and refused treatment for. I went to MD Now Urgent Care and within a few minutes of speaking to a doctor there i had a diagnosis that was concurred with by a doctor from another facility. It was very serious and very bad potential if untreated. I could have lost some fingers, if not the hand if they had not been alert. Thank You
Jim K.
Great experience. Went for some testing. The nurses and doctors were great and knowledgeable. It's nice to feel taken care of.
Juan G.
The staff is very professional. It was a very clean environment. I love how the staff explains everything along the way. It was a quick and timely service.
Shirley G.
Quick walk in and service provided. Highly recommended if you want to be in an out. Very little wait. Attentive staff. Greatly appreciated.
Rudy R.
Great attention, super fast! Thank you!
Alexis C.
Véry good services, the nurse and the doctor were conscientious and listen the patient.
Rodrigue V.
They provide very nice service, I recommended was fast and very good services.
Yaniel P.
Every time I go and I do go a lot because I get sick from my son who just began pre k I see a few doctors. One in particular that I see a lot is Dr. Gorstein, he is great. He always gets me feeling better. I am grateful that md now is so close to my home and they literally have no wait time.
Jordana P.
Quick, easy & very efficient. Staff was great and very friendly
Rosie J.
Always love coming to this urgent care. Usually really quick, if they’re busy it’s not much longer but I have patience unlike the guy commenting below. Can’t fault a facility for not having equipment that YOU think your daughter needs. If you’re having an emergency, go to the EMERGENCY ROOM not an urgent care. Medical assistants here are always so nice and help you understand anything you need.
Fernie R.