Happy Doctor
From start to finish, I was treated with respect and care. The staff are amazing! Will definitely be back.
Cheryl H.
I went there on Thursday at 5pm My whole experience walking through the door was excellent. I wasn't feeling well & wanted a covid 19 test. When they called me back which only took about 15mins. the Dr Musthna (something like that) was 1 of the nicest drs. I ever seen in So. Florida & I've been living here for 21yrs. (WISH ALL MY DR WERE LIKE HIM.) He said ,he thinks I have a slight case of bronchitis & gave me a z-pack & steroids for 7 day's His assit Nathan was also a hell of a nice guy & of course I got my covid test which I will find out my results today which I'm not too worried about just want to be safe. I'm already starting to feel better thanks to this awesome dr.
Randi T.
Customer service was great ! All tests explained carefully and clear . Thank you
betsyca p.
Waiting a bit too long, but the Doctor and the staff were great.
Andrew C.
They are The best
Odilia C.
The staff was actually really nice and great! The wait didn’t take long and the doctor really helped me out a lot!
Amy L.
Dr was professional,knowledgeable and informative.Staff were also professional, did not waste time and were very friendly. I didn't have to wait long to see the doctor.I was a visitor to the area and I appreciated the quick, helpful visit.
Betty Y.
No waiting time Knowable staff very easy in and out
Igor Z.
Excellent experience today and highly recommend. Dr. Tanabe is the best! The nurse was terrific and so was the front staff. Thank you to all.
Visited MD Now Urgent Care this morning. I walked in and an older couple was checking in at reception ahead of me. Very promptly, I was pulled over to another window to be greeted warmly and started checking in myself. After getting settled in, I was waiting to be called. During my wait, I watched and listened to multiple conversations being had in the office. Most patients were polite and didn’t cause any issues but there was an influx of people as most were sick or there for COVID testing. The staff were attentive and courteous. They asked if anyone needed drinks while they waited. Periodically apologized for the wait and actually explained the reasons behind the wait times or specific situations regarding appointments, insurance issues and COVID procedures. They cleaned and sprayed surfaces-even asking if anyone was asthmatic. When obtaining information from patients, (handing off driver’s licenses, iPads, anything that would be shared) they grabbed it with sanitary wipes and wipes down everything. I was there for a pre-employment drug screen along with two other individuals. We were called and escorted to another, smaller waiting room, to be given distance in between those who were sick and experiencing COVID like symptoms or those waiting to be tested due to exposure to the virus. Once called and taken back, the process was explained thoroughly and staff remained warm and professional. Having to drive 40 minutes away, twice within the last two months and this facility being the second one I’ve visited, this experience went so much better. I cannot give them enough praise! Customer service is never leaving out the smallest of details and always going the extra mile for your customers and MD Now has definitely done just that.
Stephanie K.
Great service in a very short time. Will definitely be back and will recommend to others.
Lee L.
Took a UA (drug test) for a job position. The place has parking, complimentary water, and prefessional staff.
Shannon H.
I was attended right away. Everyone was very friendly and attentive. I definitely recommend attending if in need of urgent care services. Thank you MD Now!
Cristal S.
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