Same Day Tests. Same Day Results.

Get Started with Your Vital Signs

We'll assess your general physical health for any medical issues checking: body temperature, pulse/heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure and an overview of your medical history.

Weigh Out Your Options with Healthier Choices

We'll measure your BMI (Body Mass Index) to ensure your body weight is in proportion to your height. This is a reliable way to identify weight issues that may lead to chronic conditions.

Detect Hidden Health Conditions

Urinalysis can detect a wide range of disorders such as urinary tract infection, kidney, liver, metabolic issues and diabetes.

You Can't Change What You Don't Measure

We'll test your blood sugar to detect vital information about your risk for diabetes so you can stay in control.

The Best Thing for Your Heart

Our physician will use an ECG  to determine any heart problems or abnormalities in heart rhythm. The results will be interpreted to assess your risk for common heart conditions.

Want to know more about detecting hidden health issues before they become serious? Find out how our Health Risk Assessments can give you peace of mind.

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Convenient Locations Near You

We know how busy you are. That’s why we’re making superior healthcare easier to access with our walk-in health exam.

Our patients are typically seen in under an hour and our physician-led, state-of-the-art clinics are equipped with modern medical technology enabling us to perform a comprehensive screening on-site.


MD Now Health Exam

($194 Value)

*Self-pay only. Offer valid until 7/31/2021.