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Our lobby is spacious and inviting...but don't get too comfortable! Most of our patients are seen, treated & released in less than an hour. Our dedicated and hard-working staff are especially trained in customer service. Our state of the art computer system enables staff to monitor your in-and-out times & escalate service levels to provide you with the safest and efficient patient experience possible. At MD Now Medical Centers, our patient exam rooms are clean, comfortable and private; each is equipped with color flat screen TV. Our highly qualified medical practitioners and caring support staff give you the one-of-a kind, individualized medical care you deserve. Our conveniently located facilities are open daily from 8am to 8pm, where we can address up to 70% of all conditions seen in the emergency room - at a fraction of the cost! At MD Now, we understand time is important to you. Call ahead and let us know you're on your way - we'll put you in our system right away to get you in for even faster service. Here we can complete blood draws for diagnostic testing, administer flu shots, vaccinations and provide many employment drug screens (breath alcohol, hair, blood and urine screens) for local businesses. We even offer DNA paternity testing for families, and fingerprinting background services for FDLE, DCF and AHCA licensed agencies. As a full service urgent care / occupational healthcare company, MD Now offers a wide range of services, including the provision of physical therapy and diagnostic ultrasounds at several of our locations. Each facility has state-of-the-art digital X-ray to reduce wait times, as well as procedure rooms for minor splinting & casting and other procedures like suturing lacerations, breathing treatments & minor wound care. Why wait for weeks to schedule a doctor's appointment, or spend hours in a noisy, crowded emergency room when you can walk right in to our trained team of experienced medical professionals! With our affordable pricing, convenient hours and multiple locations nearby, MD Now is the number one provider of urgent care & occupational medicine services in South Florida!
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