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JOB TITLE: AVP, Operations


Plans, directs, organizes and takes ownership of operations and sustained revenue growth of all assigned markets in the Urgent Care Service Line.  Demonstrates leadership and excellence in customer service and patient satisfaction.  Ensures the clinics are safe, efficient and a quality provider of services.  Effectively uses resources to achieve established goals and objectives.  Leads by example.



  • Practices and adheres to the MD Now Code of Conduct, Mission and Value Statements.
  • Treats patients, visitors, medical staff, colleagues and others with compassion and respect.  Strives for Top Box patient satisfaction scores across assigned markets
  • Supervises Directors of Operations and Area Managers and other assigned leaders and staff. Oversees the orientation, training and cross-training of leadership and staff to ensure that all HCA, PSG and Urgent Care Service Line policies, established practices and standards are followed.
  • Participates in the development and leads the execution of assigned market and clinic goals, objectives and key initiatives in support of HCA, PSG and Urgent Care Service Line goals and objectives.  Presents Monthly Operations Report to UCSL Leadership. Clearly communicates goals and objectives to subordinate leaders and staff.
  • Builds a competitively superior organization by attracting, developing and retaining leader and staff talent.  Supervises leadership and staff in accordance with Healthy Work Environment standards. Ensures assigned markets follow company policies for employee timekeeping, attendance tracking, absence management and HRIS administration.
  • Participates in all ordinary functions of management including interviewing and selection of Market Leaders and other assigned leaders and staff, disciplinary actions and performance evaluations
  • Pursues opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Provides Leadership Development opportunities for subordinate leaders.  Identifies and mentors potential candidates for promotional opportunities.
  • Addresses individual or team performance deficiencies within assigned markets.  Ensures market leadership handles patient and visitor issues and complaints.  Provides feedback and follow-up training to subordinate leaders.  Recognizes good performance.
  • Implements programs, practices and leads teams designed to improve operations, staff retention and employee engagement
  • Ensures that market leadership creates a work schedule for all clinic positions including Mid-Levels based on clinic needs.  Ensures adequate staffing at all times.  Varies staffing levels as indicated by patient volume and efficiency standards.
  • Has overall 24/7 responsibility for operations in assigned markets.  May be required to assume direct operations management in a market as needed.  Must be physically present in assigned markets on a regular basis.  Extensive travel of 40%-60% required.
  • Monitors patient flow in assigned markets to ensure clinics are operating efficiently at all times. Works with market and clinic leadership to ensure efforts are coordinated and that patients receive high-quality care and services.  Monitors wait time trends and seeks to reduce wait times as much as possible.
  • Monitors patient satisfaction trends.  Ensures that patients and visitors are kept informed of clinic progress.
  • Keeps assigned markets and clinic environments clean, orderly and in compliance with company policy and accrediting standards.
  • Monitors efficiency reports and trends to ensure that assigned market and clinic efficiencies are within guidelines.  Allocates resources, including staffing, across assigned markets as needed.
  • Creates a physician-driven culture.  Provides support as needed and requested to providers. Actively consults with providers to ensure alignment of goals and optimal conditions in the provision of patient care.  Interviews prospective physicians to determine organizational fit.
  • Oversees all assigned market leadership and operations to ensure the correct and timely provision of all services including following company-established scripts and protocols.
  • Has a working knowledge of all subordinate positions.  May fill in as Area Manager on a temporary basis as needed.
  • Monitors the physical appearance of clinics in assigned markets.  Ensures that market leadership maintains the upkeep of interior and exterior of clinic locations, signage and overall clinic appearance.  Recommends plans for refurbishment of existing clinics.  Participates in the development of de novo clinics according to company strategic plan.  May assist with the due diligence of new market acquisitions.  Works with HCA Divisions to ensure success of new markets and clinics.
  • Monitors working relationship between company-selected vendors (cleaning, maintenance, equipment repair, etc.) and market leadership to ensure contracted services are performed as expected.
  • Plans and provides for business continuity in case of disruption of services.  Ensures all financial policies and procedures including cash management procedures are followed.
  • Works with Service Line Marketing and market leadership to acquire new Occupational Medicine clients and to manage services provided to existing clients.  Communicates with major and national accounts to ensure we are meeting the employer’s needs.
  • Attends market Leadership Meetings as needed and ensures that market leadership and staff are kept informed of and documents review of information, polices, practices, memos and expectations. Provides market leadership and staff with appropriate feedback, support and recognition.
  • Works closely with UC Service Line Leadership, Market Leaders and Medical Staff to maintain smooth operations and high customer satisfaction.  Drives effective cross-functional relationships between markets and Service Line staff functions. Builds strong working relationships with HCA Division Leadership.  Identifies and maintains strategic alliances outside the organization to create business opportunities and execute business strategies.
  • Maintains confidentiality of patient, employee and proprietary business information.  Understands and follows all company policies and practices regarding HIPAA.  Monitors operations to ensure compliance.
  • Maintains an awareness and working knowledge of required and available reports, resources, deadlines and other information and data sources and systems.
  • Understands and follows company Compliance Program policies and procedures.  Continually enforces Program elements and importance.  Demonstrates professional and personal integrity in decision making and approach to management.
  • Actively participates in the CQI Program and encourages participation of others.  Seeks leader and staff suggestions and involvement.
  • Timely completes and maintains mandatory training including Compliance training.
  • Follows company policies in assigned markets pertaining to infection control and hand hygiene.  Sets the example for others.
  • Follows OSHA regulations and all company policies pertaining to a safe and secure environment for patients and staff in all markets.  Ensures required emergency drills are conducted.
  • Ensures all Home Office Requests, medical records, information requests and filing are completed timely in all markets.
  • Is supportive of company-sponsored community activities and marketing programs in each assigned market.  Works with MD Now Marketing to correctly implement and maintain marketing programs.
  • Ensures that all clinics in assigned markets are opened and closed timely and according to established policy and procedure
  • Follows all company policies relating to occurrence management.  Conducts investigations as necessary.
  • Oversees the preparation and successful completion of market and clinic audits, reviews, and surveys.
  • Attends all required service line meetings and training in-services.
  • Responsible for the management and disposition of market and clinic assets including equipment and supplies.
  • Performs routine office functions as necessary.
  • Performs other duties as required
  • Practices and adheres to the MD Now Code of Conduct, Mission and Value Statements
  • Works in support of HCA, PSG and Urgent Care Service Line goals and objectives.
  • Treats patients, visitors, medical staff, colleagues and others with compassion and respect.


  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Advanced degree preferred


  • 5+ years of management experience providing healthcare services in urgent care or related setting, required
  • 3+ years of management experience in a multi-site setting, required


  • Demonstrated excellence in Customer Service and Patient Satisfaction.
  • Demonstrated strong written and verbal communication skills, change management and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to lead in a team-oriented environment
  • Demonstrated responsiveness to MD Now leadership, Regional Operations Leadership and Regional Provider Leadership.  Exhibits strong time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks.
  • Possesses a strong knowledge of accrediting organizations, state and federal guidelines, regulations and standards.
  • Availability to manage Regions 24/7.  Capable of frequent traveling to Areas in each Region. Travel may be 40% to 60% of time worked.
  • Has a working knowledge of computers, Microsoft Office Suite, web-based applications and on-line resources.
  • Demonstrated strategic thinking, strong business acumen and understanding of good business practice. Understands Revenue Cycle.
  • Possesses a strong understanding of clinical issues and clinical practice.
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