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Why Young Athletes Should Run to Get a Sports Physical

Young athletes put their hearts into the game, but few ever realize the health of their hearts can be a game-changer. Most states require children and teens participating in sports to pass a sports physical exam to assess their fitness levels, educate them about exercise, and ensure their health and safety while they train and play the game. A sports physical can also detect hidden problems that could put them at… Read More

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Beware of Vibrio Vulnificus, the Flesh-Eating Infection Making Waves at the Beach

Do you enjoy swimming in the ocean and eating shellfish? You’ll want to think twice about indulging in those activities now that Florida health officials are warning about a flesh-eating disease that is thriving in our warm saltwater and infecting swimmers with open wounds and the people who eat shellfish from those waters. This flesh-eating bacterium is called Vibrio vulnificus and it usually occurs in warm… Read More

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Why School Physicals at MD Now Urgent Care Centers are a Bright Idea

With your child starting school soon, you’re probably focused on filling backpacks and packing lunch sacks. But don’t forget your children’s school physicals and vaccinations. School physicals can check your children’s current health and detect any problems that may prevent them from reaching their full potential. And vaccinations can protect your child from getting or spreading many preventable diseases. So… Read More

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MD Now Closing Wounds and Stitching the Gap in Soaring Healthcare Costs

MD Now Urgent Care Closing Wounds and Stitching the Gap in Soaring Hospital Healthcare Costs MD Now Urgent Care – a leading provider of urgent care services in Florida remains at the forefront of affordable urgent care. According to a December 2, 2013 New York Times article, emergency rooms have become the big moneymakers for most hospitals in the last decade. Minor lacerations are one area where urgent care… Read More