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Understand Cancer Risk by Knowing the Link Between Exercise and Cancer

For years, medical experts have actively searched for ways to help people reduce their risk of cancer. At last, it appears that they’ve found the cancer-reduction answer in regular physical activity. Recent studies have confirmed the direct connection between cancer and exercise, showing that exercise both reduces the risk for certain cancers and also increases the survival rate for those suffering from the… Read More

See How to Prevent Eye Trauma in the Workplace

At MD Now, we’ve provided minor urgent eye care for many patients who have experienced eye trauma in the workplace. It’s important to realize that immediate eye injury treatment is critical when you suffer any sort of eye trauma, so you can’t afford the long waits and high costs of the emergency room, or waiting for days or weeks for an appointment with your doctor. So if you need minor urgent eye care after a… Read More

Take Pains to Soothe Workout Injuries with Shoulder and Back Pain Exercises

Exercise should be a pleasure, but it can quickly become a pain if you push yourself too hard and suffer an exercise-induced injury. These pains and strains often occur around the back and the shoulders, causing extreme distress and discomfort. When a training injury occurs, it’s vital to stop exercising immediately and see a medical or sports professional for advice on how to proceed. If it’s only a slight… Read More

7 Pain Pill Alternatives That Make Pain Management a Pleasure

Today, pills are prescribed for every type of ache and ailment, but it’s paining people in search of a non-drug pain management remedy. Fortunately, new research has shown that a number of non-drug therapies are offering people pain management without the harmful side effects found in many common drugs. These health therapies include massage therapy for various levels of pain, acupuncture for chronic pain, tai chi… Read More