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10 Heart Healthy Tips Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate those close to your heart—and it’s also a great time to establish healthy living habits that support heart health. If you’re considering adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle, now’s the time to make positive changes. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday alone or with loved ones, try these ten Valentine’s Day health tips from MD Now that will help protect your heart… Read More

Loving Your Skin Is In

A proper skin regimen that includes sun protection can keep your skin healthy and glowing for decades. In addition to looking better, healthy and glowing skin is good for your overall wellness. When skin becomes too dry, itchiness and infection can occur. With these six simple skin care tips from MD Now, you can achieve a luminous complexion and soft, touchable skin. Here’s how to make your skin glow: 1. Start… Read More

Getting Sleep When You’re Sick: Follow These Cold-Fighting Steps

When you’re fighting off a cold, getting a good night’s rest can help you speed up recovery and better manage symptoms. However, a stubborn cough or persistent congestion can sometimes make it hard to fall asleep—even when you’re feeling exhausted. If you’re wondering how to sleep with a cold, MD Now Urgent Care wants you to be aware of the best cold medicine for sleep and how natural sleep remedies can… Read More

Off Your Resolution Track Already? Small, life-changing goals you can accomplish.

If you’re like many Americans, the new year means making a fresh start and setting positive health goals. You might be feeling motivated to eat better, exercise more, quit smoking, or engage in other healthy behaviors. Since part of staying healthy is being prepared for sickness, MD Now is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., including holidays, to be the healthcare provider that South Florida residents can… Read More